Curator's Acknowledgments

by Sigi Ahl

This exhibition could not have happened without the inspirational leadership of Eileen Fisher. She has believed in and invested in each of us and in her vision of creating a circular design process that aspires to zero waste.

Showing these works here on the Lower East Side was the brainchild of Lidewij Edelkoort, who also contributed the forward to this catalog. We are also in debt to Candice Reffe who helped name the works, and Jackie Walsh and John Walker who shepherded the exhibition through the development process. Hats off to Carolina Bedoya, her artistic and organizational talents were paramount during our two and a half years old collaboration to bring our project to where we are now.

Thank you to Christa Myers for creating the video that not only documents our making of a work, it also wonderfully reflects the intricate, collaborative system of an entire new type of operation that all of us at the Tiny Factory are figuring out and designing together as we go: Bright and talented Carmen Gama, a former EF fellow, who is now the designer and engineer of our Remade clothes; Elisabeth Michaca and Lesly Berrio, our sorters, who have become grand specialists in identifying fibers by a mere quick touch and glimpse; our seamstresses Suwannee Jimenéz, Paulina Peguero, Olgarina Sanchez, Clara Vargas, who are so skilled; and we couldn’t do without the manufacturing expertises of Tom Grace, the Tiny Factory Director, and Tess de Mesa, our Floor Manager. A big thank you to Eugen Ahl Klopsch who created the catalogue that you are now holding in your hands, and a big thank you to Jan Rothschild who took us by the hand and is guiding us into new realms.