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Venetian Bauhaus, 2017

Venetian Bauhaus, 2017 | Sigi Ahl | Cotton Pants Scraps | 67" by 87", 170cm by 221cm


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Voyeur / Vestige, 2017

Voyeur/Vestige, 2017 | Carolina Bedoya | Wool, Linen | 58" by 62", 147cm by 57cm


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Felted Coat, remade fall collection 2017

Felted Coat, remade fall collection 2017 | 1 of 16 | Carmen Gama | Wool, Linen


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Milan, Salone del Mobile 2018


Eileen Fisher has dedicated her career to challenging the ways of the fashion industry; with the announcement of Vision2020 in 2015, the company took a bold step in reaching its ambitious environmental and social goals which include materials, chemistry, water, carbon and conscious business practices.
DesignWork is the company’s latest initiative; a creative exchange between makers who felt and stitch consumers’ used garments into captivating wall hangings, upholstery and accessories for interiors, hospitality and public spaces.